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Volunteer at Rooster Walk!

Hey friends! Wanna be part of the RW Family? We’re looking for volunteers to work before, during and after Rooster Walk. The actual festival will take place Thursday-Sunday, May 24-27, 2018. Volunteers who work during the actual festival will be asked to complete three (3) shifts of four hours apiece in order to earn free admission to the entire fest. Volunteers will also receive free tent camping, free parking (but PLEASE carpool) and one free shower!

Those who have volunteered in the past two years and are in “good standing” with Rooster Walk will not have to pay a deposit up front. Volunteers who are new to the RW Volunteer Family – or who haven’t volunteered in the past 2 years – will be asked to pay a $50 fully-refundable deposit. All deposits must be paid via debit/credit card through our online ticketing system. The deposit will be fully refunded once you complete your shift duties/responsibilities.

Folks who want to earn a free 4-Day festival ticket by volunteering at “Pre-Fest Workdays” will be asked to work three (3) eight-hour shifts during pre-scheduled workdays.

Interested in working additional shifts for a day pass for a friend? Let us know in the message/comments section of the signup form!

Have questions, email roosterwalkvolunteer(at)gmail.com and we’ll get back to ya!

To sign up as a volunteer, just fill in the form below and click submit.  If there’s something you just can’t miss (your favorite band) during the festival, let us know. Thank you so much for your help!

**Note: If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, enter your name in the form below, then use the “TAB” key to advance through the sign-up form.**

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Volunteer days are Wednesday through Monday (May 23-28). You will be required to work a 4-hour shift on three of these days. In order to send you the proper tickets, please tell us which days you are attending the festival.
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