May 23-26, 2024 ❘ Martinsville, VA

The art vendors of Rooster Walk

It’s important to remember that Rooster Walk is a music AND arts festival. That means you can enjoy a huge variety of visual artists in addition to the music. Here are a few of the artists who showed and sold their artwork at RW13.

Hand Eye Heart Designs

Cait Deane and Emily Sherman make pottery and jewelry in the Harrisburg, Penn, area. Deane handles the pottery, which includes fest- and music-themed mugs, trays and other stoneware. Sherman does macrame and jewelry, offering a selection of rings and woven “hangery,” as she jokingly calls it. This year was their second at Rooster Walk.

Deane says she enjoys selling at festivals because it’s a great way to meet people. “It’s all about connecting through art,” she says.

You can check out work from Hand Eye Heart Designs on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy.

Cait Deane, left, and Emily Sherman of Hand Eye Heart Designs
Emily Sherman shows a ring she made with a stone purchased from another Rooster Walk vendor.

Jada Bean Art

Jada Schmidt’s art is grounded in a healthy respect for the past. Not only does she use only upcycled clothing in her work, she also uses her grandmother’s 1959 Singer sewing machine to hand-make appliques, and her grandfather’s upholstery machine to create fabric-wrapped buttons for earrings, pins, and hair ties. This is her third Rooster Walk.

Sometimes Schmidt will collaborate with other artists, stitching her appliques onto their textiles. She is also amassing a group of musicians who wear her designs, including guitar player and singer Isaac Hadden.

Jada Bean Art has been in business for 12 years in North Suffolk, Va. Check out her work on Facebook and Etsy.

Jada Schmidt’s jewelry — the bee and bear items are made with her grandfather’s button upholstering machine.
A Grateful Dead-themed dreamcatcher Jada Schmidt made from a doily.
Jada Schmidt of Jada Bean Art shows her “Galaxy Queen” upcycled dress with her handmade applique.

Jesi V. Art

Jesi Lundy is a Roanoke, Va., artist who creates prints from her acrylic paintings. She also specializes in orgone art, combining crystals, metals, and other natural materials and encasing them in resin in a variety of shapes.

Lundy, who enjoyed her first Rooster Walk this year, has been working professionally for 13 years. Her latest project is projection mapping, where video is projected onto large artworks, creating layers of color and shape to create dimension. It’s an emerging art in light shows at music performances.

“I just love to inspire and motivate people with my art,” Lundy says. See her work on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and her website,

Jesi Lundy shows her original acrylic artwork. Her orgone art is visible in the background.


Josh Jahsta and C.J. Maloney paint concert and culture-related translucent glass panels and make guitar pick necklace pendants. They use upcycled frames and are inspired by shows, songs, and stories. The Virginia Beach, Va., duo was at Rooster Walk for the first time this year.

Jahsta has been painting on glass for eight years and Maloney for one. You can check out their work by searching the #setfreaks hashtag on Instagram and Facebook.

Josh Jahsta and C.J. Maloney hold their paintings on glass.