May 23-26, 2024 ❘ Martinsville, VA

Space Capone joins lineup!!

Fan favorite at Bonnaroo will bring dance party to RW4

These guys are straight up “stone cold and runnin’ things.”

It’s Space Capone, a nationally touring, horn-backed band from Nashville that delights with its highly danceable, ’70s-style grooves and thrift store retro style.

It’s real, it’s incredible live, and it feels good. What more could you want? Space Capone has performed at Bonnaroo, the South by Southwest festival and countless clubs and fests in the southeast. They’re unique mix of funk, soul and R&B is a sound that sticks to the brain … in a good way.

Now, they’re gonna bring their dance party to Rooster Walk 4. Space Capone will play Saturday night, so make sure you save some energy for late night. … You’ll need it!!!