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Sanctum Sully. If change is the only constant in life, then Sanctum Sully is the epitome of change.

Celebrating a decade together this summer, the Asheville-based band has always been hard to pindown in description, and in stage presence. Initially a rag-tag bluegrass and Appalachian music act, they’ve shed as many layers of their sound as they’ve conjured. The group has meandered along like a river through a deep holler, heading in whatever direction feels most comfortable and exciting at that moment in time.

It’s about pursuing the unknown possibilities presented before you in the presence of other creative minds looking to break down genre walls in the name of euphoric, melodic discovery. And with its latest, self-titled EP, Sanctum Sully lays down a thick tone soaked in the whiskey heartache and redemption that is southern rock.

The current state of Sanctum Sully is a seamless marriage of electric and acoustic instruments (akin to Widespread Panic and The Allman Brothers Band), all swirling around multiple vocal harmonies. But, it’s also a crossroads where the sound is always within earshot of its origins steeped in that “high, lonesome sound.”

Even with the hundreds of shows played over the last 10 years, the endless miles of sleepless nights rolling along lost highways, Sanctum Sully itself is a testament to what it takes to create something from nothing, and to have multitudes of folks joyfully embrace your message of compassion and camaraderie — an honest sense of self aimed squarely at never losing the passion to create, a constant urge to do what you love, and to chase after the avenues where those dreams reside.

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