Movie – Hallelujah – Feb. 24 – Rives – Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival

Movie - Hallelujah - Feb. 24 - Rives

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  • Movie starts 3 pm
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The Rives Theater celebrates Black History Month with the screening of the 1929 film, Hallelujah, the first all African American cast film produced by MGM.

The celebration will open with a pre-screening talk led by Dr. Fred Motley. He will be discussing the important role this film played in its era as well as the influence it has had in the film industry from then until now.

Hallelujah Synopsis:

Zeke Johnson (Daniel L. Haynes) and his brother, Spunk (Everett McGarrity), sell their family’s crops for $100. When Zeke manages to lose the money gambling, due to his shifty girlfriend, Chick (Nina Mae McKinney), a fight ensues in which Spunk is killed. This causes Zeke to leave and seek a religious life. Years later, he returns to his hometown as a preacher, bringing his fiancée, Missy Rose (Victoria Spivey). However, Chick is still interested and knows how to manipulate him.

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Fred Motley is a storyteller/educator, theatre director, and actor who has been professionally active across the southeast and the nation for more than 30 years. Dr. Motley performs, directs and gives workshops at festivals, colleges and universities, schools, libraries and community events with special emphasis on African-American history and stories.

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