May 23-26, 2024 ❘ Martinsville, VA
Rooster Walk 14

The Judy Chops

The Judy Chops have been wowing audiences with their deft musicianship and high-energy live shows since 2008. What began as a 4 piece acoustic has evolved from a Shenandoah Valley favorite into one of the hottest acts in the Virginia music scene. The band’s unique take on Americana music fuses modern and vintage styles, featuring elements of swing, blues, rock, soul, and funk for a genre-defying sonic experience that appeals to audiences of all ages. The Judy Chops will be releasing their 6th album, ‘The Good Days’ this Summer. #chopsdontstop

‘Although they blend elements of swings, blues, and rock, The Judy Chops cannot be contained into one singular genre. They are vibrant and passionate and full of love. You can hear the excitement and cohesion in every note.’ – DC Music Review