May 25-28, 2023 ❘ Martinsville, VA
Rooster Walk 13

Pirates of the Piedmont

Pirates of the Piedmont are a crew of scoundrels on a quest to bring entertainment through music, storytelling, and humor. Always in full pirate costume, they have played diverse venues including bars, restaurants, festivals, breweries, birthday parties, libraries, and various private events. Their repertoire includes traditional sea shanties, Irish pub songs, and originals. Their own lyrical themes range from a song about a shark attack, an ode to mead, and a humorous cautionary tale of being scourged with a cat-o-nine-tails—fashioned from actual cats.

One big draw of their show is their ridiculous antics. You never know what will happen next. Will you get to see a dancing shark during the song “Shark Attack?” Will someone randomly start making balloon animals for the onlookers? Will an on-stage argument quickly escalate into a sword fight?

At a Pirates of the Piedmont show, it is never just a performance to watch, but an experience to take part in yourself. As long as you’re with them, you are always an honorary pirate! They welcome audience participation with singable refrains and choruses that are fun and easy to sing or shout along to, and dancing is always encouraged.

Their music brings out the pirate in everyone, but it isn’t only for adults. Many of the band members are parents and career educators who love bringing the joy of music to kids. They have a huge catalogue of family friendly children’s songs that everyone can enjoy, so their children’s sets are rated PG.