May 25-28, 2023 ❘ Martinsville, VA
Rooster Walk 13

Isaac Hadden Organ Trio

This cutting edge group redefines the modern organ trio and carves out a distinct voice in the world of funk, jazz, rock, and R&B. The group is led by up-and-coming guitarist Isaac Hadden. From a young age, Hadden has been bending brainwaves and wowing audiences with his high energy playing style and animated stage presence. 

IHOT also features powerhouse drummer Iajhi Hampden, who holds a grammy nomination for his work with John Legend and has performed high-profile gigs all over the United States and in Europe. 

On Organ/Keys is Bill Stevens, an esteemed musician in the southeastern U.S. and beyond. Known for his work with the Lee Boys, Stevens has toured the country performing passionate music with a wide array of artists.

Isaac Hadden Organ trio borrows from a wide array of musical traditions to create hard-grooving, powerful, dynamic music that will rock both brain and booty.