Outdoors – Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival


Outdoor Activities in the Gear Grove

Rooster Walk has always encouraged getting outside and having fun, and is proud to combine both of them in order to give the people more opportunities to enjoy what they love. Please consider yourselves invited to explore the Gear Grove (beneath the pines at Pine Grove Stage)! This is our haven in the woods to meet other “dirtbags,” shop gear, exchange stories, and discover new adventures around the back-country near you.

Not only will there be knowledgeable and friendly vendors, we will also have an info booth where you can learn about workshops, local hikes, events and compositions hosted during the festival.

Our goal is to give beginners an accepting place to ask questions and delve deeper, while also giving “dirtbags” of all levels the chance to network, chill, and adventure!

We’re excited to have Explore Disc Golf back once again! They will be setting up a six-hole disc golf course at Pop’s Farm for the festival, and they will offer free disc golf “rentals” throughout the weekend.

An exact daily schedule for the Gear Grove will be published in late spring. At Rooster Walk 10 (May, 2018), outdoors-related offerings included: A six-hole disc golf tournament; slacklines and slackline workshops; guided hikes at Pop’s Farm; guided bike rides (both on-site and road rides); guided canoe floats on the nearby Smith River.



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