Moe.morial Beer – Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival

Moe.morial Beer


We’re thrilled to have an amazing array of beer, cider and other libations at Moe.morial: A Rooster Walk Family Gathering. We’re equally excited to be able to offer all of these products for presale purchase!

To purchase preorder beers, click the BUY TICKETS & PREORDER BEER HERE link, then click the green TICKETS link on your right. From there, scroll down to the “Add-ons” section and click the dropdown arrow beneath “Beverage Pre-sale.” From here, you’ll be able make selections from our full menu of libations, and even CBD beverages and bags of ice!

We’re thrilled to offer packaged products (no draft pours) from New Belgium Brewing, Truly, Bell’s Brewery, Republic National Wines, Miller Lite, Angry Orchard Hard Ciders and more.

Take advantage of this presale opportunity to avoid wasted time standing in line at the event. We encourage fans who purchase presale beverages to bring empty coolers into the viewing area. You’ll be able to pick up your presale orders, load them into your cooler and take them to with you to see the show.

Please note that unopened alcoholic beverages can be taken out of the viewing area but CANNOT be brought back into the viewing area, due to Virginia ABC laws. This means you can take unopened beers back to the campsite after Friday’s show, but you won’t be able to bring them through the viewing area gates into the show on Saturday. For this reason, you may want to place two advance orders: One that you pick up on Friday, the other that you pick up on Saturday.

All beer orders will be bagged and ready for pick up at the main beer tent, located atop the hill of the viewing area.


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