KIDS’ COOP – Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival



Rooster Walk, Martinsville VA

The Kids’ Coop

Presented in partnership with American National Bank

What do you do in your backyard? Have adventures to faraway lands? Make science projects that explode everywhere? Examine bugs with your magnifying glass? Or do you blow bubbles until you can’t exhale anymore? In Rooster Walk’s backyard, we do all that and more! Our goal in the Kids’ Coop is to have fun while teaching everyone (young and old) the importance of using and reusing items around the house.  Presented in partnership with American National Bank, the Kids’ Coop offers a wide variety of constant activities throughout the weekend, including arts and crafts, open mic sessions, live music on the Kids Stage, a slip’n’slide, a Mommy & Me Tent (a private space for young and expecting mothers), a playground and so much more!

We are so glad that you’re comfortable bringing your entire family to RW! Our festival family strives to make everything family friendly, particularly in the Kids’ Coop. Our staff is ready to help you and your young ones explore creativity through crafts, bubbles, treasure hunts and music. With that said, we do not provide drop-off childcare to anyone. We ask that you stay with your child at all times. Unattended children will be given espressos and puppies.

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