May 23-26, 2024 ❘ Martinsville, VA



Category: VIP FAQ

Rooster Walk’s VIP Tent Camping area is all primitive camping, meaning no tent pads, water or electric. We designate this area as VIP Tent Camping because it’s our best tent camping spot on the 150 acre property. It’s beautiful, shaded camping under mature hardwood canopy. We don’t designate or number camp sites. Instead, the area is open to all first come, first serve. Folks can camp with friends in groups of tents or by themselves. We ask that patrons are reasonable with the amount of space that they take up (no unneccessary or greedy “sprawling”), and we ask that patrons are kind and respectful toward their camping neighbors.

Portojohns and VIP showers are very close to the VIP Tent Camping area.

No vehicles are allowed in the VIP Tent Camping area. (All parking must be purchased separately.)

General Admission ticket holders are not permitted to enter VIP areas.