May 25-28, 2023 ❘ Martinsville, VA


General FAQ

Category: General FAQ

Thursday: 9am
Friday: 9am
Saturday: 9am
Sunday: 9am
If you arrive when the gates are not open, you may need to wait there until someone can assist you. Tickets will not be sold after the gates have closed for the night, FYI

Category: General FAQ

Can I bring outside food and beverages to Rooster Walk?

We will have a great variety of yummy food vendors. Feel free to prepare your own meals at your campsite as well. We’ll have free bottle filling stations for water in the festival viewing areas and in campgrounds. Bring a bottle! An excellent selection of craft beer and wine will be available near our stage areas. Valid photo identification is required to purchase adult beverages. You are allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages into the music viewing areas, but you cannot bring your own alcohol.

Can I bring alcohol (beer, wine etc) to my campsite or into the festival?

No. Outside alcohol is not permitted at Rooster Walk due to the Virginia ABC permit that we hold for this event. Vehicles entering Pop’s Farm may be subject to random searches (trunk,
coolers, backseat, etc.). In addition, patrons walking from the parking lots and campgrounds into the “festival area” where our stages are located will be subject to a mandatory bag check. Confiscated alcohol will not be returned to the patron. Ticket refunds will not be issued due to alcohol confiscations.

Inside the “festival area,” we sell beer, wine, hard ciders, hard seltzers and liquor drinks to patrons. These alcoholic beverages may not leave the “festival area,” however. This means you can’t take an alcoholic drink from the “festival area” through a security point bag check, on your way to the campground or parking lot.

Category: General FAQ

The pond is off limits, no swimming, fishing or entering the pond at any time. NO glass, outside alcohol, weapons, fireworks, drugs, nor drones are allowed. No personal ATVs, golf carts etc, are allowed on the property.

Category: General FAQ

The hour-by-hour band schedule, or “stage schedule” will be announced in the spring. This announcement typically coincides with Single-Day General Admission tickets going on sale. We will promote, in advance, when the hour-by-hour schedule will be announced. Please follow us on our social media pages and sign up for our e-blast newsletter to always be in the loop.