May 25-28, 2023 ❘ Martinsville, VA


Accessibility FAQ

Category: Accessibility FAQ

Rooster Walk takes place at Pop’s Farm, a 150-acre outdoor music venue in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The venue is not mountainous but there are a lot of hills. We have very, very few paved surfaces. The road network throughout the venue is gravel, and the open public spaces in front of stages and around food/craft vendors are mowed grassy areas. Our tent camping areas are predominantly under mature hardwood canopy, though some of the RV/Tow-Behind Camper areas are in open grassy fields.

As such, it it pretty difficult to get from stage to stage in a wheel chair (harder than on crutches). We do have ADA Golf Cart Shuttle Services that can help transport you from area to area (with the wheelchair if the wheelchair is collapsible), though not within the stage fields. All of our golf cart shuttles must stay on the roads, so you would have to get to the road to be able to get picked up by an ADA shuttle. You can stop anyone with a radio to request an ADA shuttle along the road if you aren’t already in a designated shuttle stop. You would still need to navigate within the amphitheatres on your own because we can’t allow carts in these areas.

Category: Accessibility FAQ

Legitimate, certified Service Animals are allowed at the festival, however “emotional support” animals are not. In order to be admitted to the festival and remain at the festival, a Service Animal must:

  • Be needed due to a specific disability of the owner
  • Be trained to perform a specific task that is directly related to the owner’s disability.
  • Have its documentation and identification tags visible and legible on the harness/leash at all times
  • Remain on leash, in direct charge of the owner, at all times
  • Have its waste/droppings cleaned up and properly disposed of immediately by its caretakers
  • Not show any aggressiveness, growling, or consistent/repeated barking