COVID Safety – Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival

COVID Safety

Rooster Walk Inc.’s COVID Safety Plan

               Fun news! The state of Virginia will adopt the CDC’s new (relaxed) recommendations for Covid-related laws at outdoor events. That means masks will no longer be required (though the CDC recommends that non-vaccinated patrons still wear masks). And, social distancing will no longer be required (though we have so much space in the Pop’s Farm viewing area, everyone who wants to spread out will have acres and acres to do so.) Rooster Walk Inc. places the utmost importance on the safety of its patrons, artists, staff and volunteers during events. That’s one of the reasons that we held zero concerts for well over a year. We have been, and will continue to be, in constant contact with employees from the Virginia Department of Health to ensure that we are operating within their safety guidelines. Since these guidelines are constantly evolving, the safety plan below may evolve, too. Rooster Walk Inc. reserves the right to make changes to this plan, and the enforcement of this plan, at any time.

Our goal is to usher in the return of live music to our Martinsville-Henry County home in a safe, family friendly, enjoyable manner.

Reduction in Capacity

All of Rooster Walk’s summer and fall shows will be held at Pop’s Farm. At this time, the venue will be limited to no more than 50% capacity.

Precautions & Protocols

  • Box Office Health Advisory: Before entering Pop’s Farm, all patrons will engage in a health screening questionnaire. Patrons who have who have been diagnosed with COVID, or display COVID symptoms, will be issued a full refund and not allowed to enter. These symptoms include fever, cough or gastro-intestinal issues. Patrons will not be allowed to enter if they have had direct contact with a COVID-positive person, or are suspected to have been exposed to the virus in the past 14 days. Patrons will be advised that the CDC (and the state of Virginia) still recommend that non-vaccinated individuals continue to wear masks.
  • Masks & Social Distancing: All non-vaccinated patrons will be encouraged to wear masks inside the viewing area unless they are eating or drinking. While social distancing will no longer be required, our expansive viewing area in front of the stage will allow everyone who wants their own space to find it easily.
  • Handwashing stations: Rooster Walk will offer numerous handwashing stations with soap and hand sanitizer through the venue. These stations will be monitored to ensure they remain stocked with supplies (water, soap, paper towels, etc.) and regularly sanitized by our Sanitation Team.
  • Sanitation Team: Rooster Walk will employ a crew of staffers and volunteers dedicated to the constant cleaning and sanitizing of all public facilities. Most notably, these will include porta johns, hand washing stations and surfaces commonly touched by the public, including points of sale (box office, beer tent, etc.), benches, tables, etc. In addition, this team will monitor trash and recycling receptacles throughout the event, changing trash bags, etc., as needed.
  • Package beverages: Instead of offering draft beverages, Rooster Walk will exclusively sell packaged products (beer, water, etc.) In addition, these drinks will be available through online presale to help reduce the number of people standing in line at the beer tent. This will reduce the risk of cross contamination that might exist otherwise.
  • Signage: Throughout the venue, as well as at points of entry, Rooster Walk will post public signage that details Covid- and safety-related rules, regulations and expectations. Patrons who do not abide by these guidelines are subject to expulsion from the event, without refund.
  • PSAs: Rooster Walk is an advocate of all members of the general population getting vaccinated for COVID, though we do not think less of those who chose not to for personal reasons. As a company, we will promote through our social media channels, the benefits and importance of getting vaccinated, as well as opportunities to do so. During an event, our on-stage emcees will make regular PSA announcements reminding patrons of our COVID regulations and rules.
  • Communication with health officials: Rooster Walk will continue to maintain constant communication with state and local health officials regarding our events’ safety plans, and the execution of those plans. Rooster Walk reserves the right to make changes to our safety plan, and safety rules for these events, at any time.
  • Artist/Staff/Volunteer safety: Enforcing safety rules and regulations on patrons is not enough to make an event safe. Rooster Walk will require all staff and volunteers to abide by the rules. Special accommodations will be made for artist safety, including regular sanitation of on-stage equipment, as needed, and backstage social distancing. A buffer zone of at least 10 feet will separate the stage from patrons.

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