May 23-26, 2024 ❘ Martinsville, VA

The answer is clear: Just volunteer

Mad at yourself for missing those early-bird prices? Yearning to donate your time to an awesome charitable festival? Completely broke and considering armed robbery as a means to pay for your Rooster Walk 4 tickets?

Well fear not, my frustrated/benevolent/deranged music fan, because the answer is clear: Just volunteer.

That’s right, we’re searching for volunteers to do a wide variety of tasks at Rooster Walk this year. From parking cars to helping with children’s workshops to recycling and beautifying, we’ve got lots of great options (too many to list, really). And what’s more, you’ll get into the festival free of charge in exchange for volunteer hours during the festival.

And if you’d like to volunteer but don’t want to miss any live music, why not consider helping out at one of our Blue Mountain Workdays in the months and weeks leading up to the festival? Or stick around the day after RW4 concludes and help us clean up?

No matter which option you prefer, you can learn more by emailing But don’t delay, certain volunteer duties and time slots run out quickly!