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VIP  Tickets – Click Here To Purchase

Early Bird     Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 At Gate
VIP 4-DAY PASS: (Limited QTY) - $250 $275 $300 N/A
Price Level
FULL-STRUT VIP ALL ACCESS: (Limited QTY) - $450 $500 $525 N/A
Price Level
VIP RV CAMPING PASS: (Limited QTY)  - $175 $200 $225 N/A
Price Level
VIP CAR CAMPING PASS: (Limited QTY)  - $60 $60 $60 N/A
Price Level
VIP NEAR-CAR CAMPING: (Limited QTY)    - $30 $30 $30 N/A
Price good while supplies last or until: Dec. 31st Feb. 29   April 30   May 25   At Gate


Click Here to Purchase Tickets - Note: Tickets are currently available ONLINE ONLY.

NOTE: All ticket prices are subject to availability || (Kids 12-and-younger are free with adult)

The Basic Info

  • VIP 4-DAY PASS: This is good for all four days at the festival, May 26-29, 2015. You’ll get access to all VIP-Only areas, plus up to four free meals, and you’ll also get 5 free beer vouchers and “Free Pour Happy Hours” each day inside the Lester VIP Hospitality Area, which includes the VIP Stage. You’ll get two free vouchers for VIP Showers. One free tent tag comes with each VIP ticket. You’ll also get an RW8 steel pint glass. NOTE: In order to stay in an RV located in the VIP RV LOT, you will need a VIP Ticket.
  • FULL-STRUT VIP ALL ACCESS: You will receive everything that comes with a normal VIP Ticket (above), plus up to seven meals at the festival, free draft beers inside the VIP Beer Garden all weekend, unlimited use of the VIP Showers, a limited edition RW8 commemorative poster and a $25 gift certificate at the Rooster Walk Merch Tent. You also to choose either a VIP Weekend Daytime Parking Pass or a VIP Weekend Overnight Parking Pass.


What comes with a VIP Ticket?

  • VIP Food & Drink: Quench your hunger and your thirst in the VIP Hospitality Area. Relax on couches, get a massage, play games like cornhole, kick it with band members who are doing the same.
  • VIP Showers!!! - We will have a mobile shower unit on-site inside the VIP camping area. If you don’t have a VIP pass, you will not have access to the showers. VIP ticket holders will get 2 shower vouchers, while FULL STRUT VIP ticket holders will receive unlimited showers.
  • VIP Tent/Hammock Camping: You get to stay in the most convenient, centrally located camping area at Pop’s Farm. Tent camping is INCLUDED in your VIP ticket price. (General admission ticket buyers have to pay for camping).
  • VIP Gift Bag: We’ll hook you up with some free RW merchandise, like a RW7 stainless steel cup, plus sweet extras from some of the festival’s sponsors.
  • VIP Stage:  Located inside the Lester VIP Hospitality Area, only VIP Ticket holders have access to this stage and its regular performances from singers, songwriters, full bands and more.
  • (Kids 12-and-younger get in free with adult)


VIP Camping Options - Click Here To Purchase

  • VIP RV CAMPING PASS: Only 50 available. This is required for any RV or tow-behind camper. With this pass, you will camp in the VIP RV Lot. Please note: Everyone over 12 years old must have a VIP 4-Day Pass in order to stay in an RV in the VIP RV Lot. (Kids 12 and younger do not need a VIP ticket to stay in the VIP area).
  • VIP CAR CAMPING: Only 50 available. Camp directly beside your vehicle in the VIP area of Pop’s Farm. Includes free parking pass. Spaces are 10 feet wide and 40 feet long. You need to be able to fit your vehicle and all gear inside this 10×40 space.
  • VIP NEAR-CAR CAMPING: Only 35 available. Park in the VIP Car Camping area and set up your tents within 75 yards of your vehicle (but not directly beside your vehicle.) You will be camping in the shady woods that form the perimeter of the VIP Car Camping Field. Your parking space is approximately 15 long by 10 feet wide.


VIP Parking Options - Click Here To Purchase

Price Level Early Bird Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 At Gate
VIP WEEKEND OVERNIGHT PARKING (Limited) $30 $30 $30 $30 N/A
Price Level
VIP WEEKEND DAYTIME PARKING (Limited) $30 $30 $30 $30 N/A
Price Level
Price good while supplies last or until the following date: Early Bird Jan. 1st March 1st May 1st At Gate

  VIP WEEKEND OVERNIGHT PARKING: This is the parking pass most commonly needed by VIP Tent Campers. Buy this pass if you are staying one or more nights at the festival but not purchasing a Car Camping Pass or RV Pass.   VIP WEEKEND DAYTIME PARKING: If you are making multiple day trips to the festival, purchase this pass in advance. Or, you can purchase individual single-day parking passes at the gate (while supplies last).   Roosterwalk 7 Program Map-01

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