Grass is Dead hosts ‘The Jammy Jam’ – Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival

Grass is Dead hosts 'The Jammy Jam'

Photo of Grass is Dead hosts 'The Jammy Jam'


  • Saturday 8 pm - New Belgium Pine Grove Stage
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What’s in a name? Sometimes, everything… The Grass Is Dead are a bluegrass combo paying homage to the music and cultural legacy of The Grateful Dead, arguably America’s first folk rock band and one of the most influential musical artists of the last 50 years. The catalogue of the Dead’s music is a gold mine for string bands and story tellers, and The Grass Is Dead have established themselves far and wide as premiere purveyors of this rich tradition of Americana music. Pickin’ and grinnin’ is what they do best, and they have been adapting Grateful Dead songs in their own bluegrass style since 1998.

A festival favorite, The Grass Is Dead has built a loyal following from their home state of FL throughout the Eastern United States through burning live shows, and well beyond, through word of mouth, social media and old fashioned taper trees. The demand for Grateful Dead music is seemingly endless, and there are countless cover bands satisfying that demand on the local level, but there are not many artists out there approaching the music from the perspective of The Grass Is Dead. It is not complicated or artsy: this is a straight forward hootenanny built to last, and fans of either bluegrass music, The Grateful Dead, or both always leave happy, because sometimes there’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile…

Band members include: Billy Gilmore (Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, Dobro, Pedal Steel, Vocals); Steve Pruett (Acoustic Mandolin. Electric Mandolin. Vocals); Jared Womack (Dobro, Vocals); Jon “Lone Murph” Murphy (Electric and Upright Bass, Vocals); Brian Drysdale (Percussion, drums, vocals).

The Grass Is Dead will be hosting The Jammy Jam, Rooster Walk’s annual event that brings together musicians from multiple genres and backgrounds to share the stage. The Jammy Jam begins as a bluegrass jam but ends as a rock show!

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